Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quick Grounding Meditation

This meditation is a quick grounding meditation that I have pulled and improvised from many sources. I practice this almost daily. It is great to use first thing in the morning or anytime a pick up is needed.

I like to do it standing up but sitting will work as well. Leave out any physical part that causing pain. It is the visualization that is most important.

Stand with your feet shoulder width a part. Stretch out your arms horizontal to the floor and then raise your hands to the sky bringing the palms of your hands together. Lightly stretch. Then bring your hands and arms down to your chest into prayer poise with your thumbs touching your sternum

Now visualize roots are growing out of your feet penetrating deep into the center of the earth. With your connection strong and deep into the earth, discharge all your negative energy, feelings, etc down your roots deep into the earth. I like to put a picture to it like a dark fog or mist and watch it flow down the roots into the earth. I also will often take my palms parallel to the ground with my arms straight along my sides and with intention; send these emotions into the ground as if they are being dispelled from the palms of my hands. Use a visitation that works for you. The point is to discharge all the lower energy into the ground. Thank God for removing all this lower energy from you. If you are having problems visualizing this or sending it to ground, ask God and or your angels to help you.

With the lower energy gone, and hands into prayer poise, we want to replace it with the loving healing Light of God. Ask God to fill you with his light. Visualize the white and golden light of God as it comes into your body from your roots starting at your feet and filling upwards and from your crown downwards meeting at your heart, swirling and mixing, growing and filling you completely. Your body is so completely filled with light now, the light is now expanding from your body and rays of light are shining forth filling the room, now watch as the light fills your house, the neighborhood the world. Ask God now to be his light in the world and for other positive virtue (s) you want to have. I typically ask to be God’s light and healer in the world. Thank God for his loving, healing light. Be grateful for everything.

You should be feeling great. full of love and energy. If you have more time this is a great launching pad into sending your love ones God’s Love and Healing Energy or if you have more time, meditation or prayer time

This whole routine takes me less than five minutes.

Try it out and let me know your results.

Love and light

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